Book Rivew on: Chancey of the Maury River

    The Book Chancey of the Maury River is a great book. It may even make you cry at some parts. This book is about an albino Appaloosa horse named Chancey. After Chancey’s dam (mother) died, his owner took the worst possible care of him.  Then his owner Monique’s husband died and she must sell all her horses and pony’s. Chancey is the last to go.  Before a home was found for him, he spent some time living by himself in his old field with only one day’s worth of food and water . That is when he moved to the Maury River stables. When he gets there, Mrs.Maiden introduces a girl named Claire to Chancey. Claire’s parent’s have just gotten a divorce. Being together helps them both mend the emptiness inside of them. Then Claire’s mother decides to buy Chancey.  The vet comes as well as a special eye doctor and they find out Chancey has cancer and that he is going blind in his left eye. Later on, he gets to go to one of the hunter races with Claire! What happens to Chancey? Do they win the race? Read the book to find out. I rate this book 5 out of 5 starsfor it’s amazing sense of reality and the great story that it truly is.

The Riddle of the Black Box

There is a drought and you are terribly bored sitting at home instead of being at the pool. You are walking to your neighborhood park to meet some friends when you come across several trap doors, all lined-up, that you have never noticed before. There is a purple, a blue, an orange, a red, a green, and a black. You pick one and then you see 5 more doors. There is a wooden, a steel, an iron, a screen door, and another door that is made of something unanimous. You pick one and continue. Then you come across 3 more doors, each with a sign stapled to it. They say: Eternal Peril by Drowning, Death by Rattle Snakes, and Eternal Peril by Landing in Black Hole. Which one do you pick without landing in eternal peril or death? If you picked Eternal Peril by Drowning, you are correct because all of the water is dried-up. You go through the door and you see three black boxes. One with a red lid, one with a blue, and one with a green. You also notice that there is a red wall, a blue wall, and a green wall, all with a matching door. To get out, you know you have to go east. Finally, you see a strange message on the table. First it says to open the boxes. You find a key in each. None of them work in any of the doors. you read the next part. It says in red letters: blhopeue. Which box contains the correct key to get out?

Post a comment telling what your answer is and I will respond telling you if you are correct.

My First Goal!

This year in E.L. I’m working on making a 3-D zoo. Me, Kalina, and Edie are putting pictures on microsoft word, and then using the projector to trace them onto a big sheet of paper. Next we color it.  After that we cut it out TWO times and then staple one side of it together. Then we stuff it with shredded paper and staple the other sides. Finally after we finish all the animals, we build the habitat and present it to the 1st graders. I love this project. It’s really fun, and I love that it’s our individual project but also kind-of a group project. It takes a lot of cooperation, talking, and working together on our part, but it’s still fun. I can’t wait until we get done!  🙂

What Inspires Me

One of the things things  that inspires me is Paris. I love Paris. My room is Paris themed. I also really like dice, butterflies, soccer, and just simply being crative! Butterflies have always fascinated me. I once observed a monarch butterfly comlete its life cycle in a little jar in my room. I loved it! Soccer is my favorite sport.  I have been playing since i was 3 years old.  My favorite player is Mia Hamm. My favorite subject is art. I absolutely love it! Getting to be creative and expressing my feelings, it’s what I like. I get it from my mom. She’s an artist too. I like drawing, but I mostly like sculpting with clay, collages, papier mache, and painting. if you can’t already tell, art is probably my favorite thing out of all the things I’ve written about. I just love how not everything has to be the same and even when you have the same assignment everybody’s piece is very unique and creative. Also, I love to read. I read anytime I get the chance! My favorite book series is Harry Potter and my favorite book is Ida B. So, as you can see, art, reading, and Paris are the things that inspire me. Really though there are countless things that inspire me, but these 3 are my favorites. =)